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Chakras, Colour & Crystals


Chakra means 'wheel'.  In eastern religion, The 7 chakras are known as the subtle energy centres of the body.  These centres are sometimes visible to sensitives and psychics and one can learn to sense and work with their energies.

Each chakra spins like a wheel and these centres work together for the health and well being of mind and body.  Each chakra has a different colour associated with it and these colours vary or intermingle according to the individual. When a person is healthy, the colours are clear and bright. If a chakra is out of balance, its colours may be dull or it may contain the colours of a lower chakra. Then one may manifest the more negative traits of that chakra and or health problems related to that area. See chakra chart

When a chakra is working at its highest level, we express the more elevated traits of that centre. Sometimes chakras are depleted and it can help to eat foods containing the colours associated with that chakra, and to wear clothes in those colours and particularly gemstones in the appropriate colours which have the healing properties required.

Often, when we are particularly drawn to a colour, it is because we feel a need to focus on a particular area/ aspect of life and the energies of a particular chakra in order for us to express ourselves more clearly and focus on what we really want out of life. When we dislike a colour, it may be that we feel uncomfortable with our energy/experience relating to the related chakra area. We can introduce the complementary colour instead and gradually bring harmony, then introduce that particular colour when ready.  To introduce a colour gently, you can start small pick a bunch of flowers and have them in your room, buy an item in that colour and focus on it, gradually start noticing that colour more and allowing it into your life. Sometimes it can be very helpful to start wearing a new colour and it can represent a new phase in your life.

Gemstones which contain the appropriate colours and healing energies are worn to balance the energies of the chakras. Each gem also has its own specific properties (as well as looking beautiful). Click below to view the chakra chart  for details of the colours, foods and gemstones as well as the qualities related to each chakra.  On this website you can choose from a beautiful selection of gemstone jewellery in the colours you require.


The Chakra information below will help you find the crystals for you:



The seventh chakra is referred to as the Crown and it is located just behind the top of the skull. This is the centre of spirituality and enlightenment. It allows for the  flow of spiritual wisdom and brings the gift of cosmic consciousness. This is  the centre of connectedness with the divine and it is the place where life animates the physical body. When this chakra is unbalanced there may be a constant feeling of frustration, a lack of joy, and destructive feelings. Health conditions may include migraine headaches and depression. When this chakra is balanced,  there is wisdom and an ability to open up to the divine and access to the unconscious and subconscious. The colours for the crown are white and purple and the gemstones are Quartz Crystal, White Opal, and Amethyst. See Purple gemstones.


The sixth chakra is referred to as the Third Eye and is located above the physical eyes on the middle of the forehead. This is the centre for psychic ability, higher intuition and for spirit. It is related to the purification of negative tendencies and the elimination of selfishness. Through the power of the sixth chakra, we can receive guidance, channel, and tune into our higher selves. When this chakra is unbalanced we may feel unmotivated, afraid of success, or will go the opposite way and be ego-driven. Physical symptoms may include headaches, blurred vision, and general eye and head problems. When this chakra is balanced and open we lose our fear of death, are unattached to material things, and may have psychic experiences and connection with past lives. Sixth chakra body parts include the eyes, face, brain, lymphatic and endocrine systems. The main colours are purple and Indigo blue and the gemstones are Amethyst, Sodalite Lapis Lazuli and other deep blue stones. See Indigo gemstones.


The fifth or throat chakra is located in the centre of the collarbone at the lower neck area. It is our centre of communication and expression of creativity through thought, speech, and writing. Here we have the possibility for change, transformation and healing. The throat is where we store anger and here is also where we express it and let go of it. When this chakra is out of balance, we may tend not to say how we really feel, we may hold back, feel timid, be quiet, feeble weak, or unable to express our thoughts.

Physical illnesses or ailments include, under or over active thyroid, skin irritations, ear infections, deafness, sore throat, voice problems,  inflammations, and neck pain. When this chakra is balanced we may feel balanced, centred. We may be musically or artistically inspired, and are skilled at expressing ourselves through voice and speech. Body parts for this chakra are throat, neck, teeth, ears, and thyroid gland.

The main colour used is light to medium blue. The gemstones are Turquoise, Blue Lace Agate, Aquamarine and mid to light blue gemstones. See blue gemstones and turquoise gemstones.


The fourth or  heart chakra is located behind the breast bone in front and on the spine between the shoulder blades in back. This is the centre for love, compassion and spirituality and it controls one's ability to love themselves and others and to give and to receive love. This is  the chakra connecting mind, body and spirit. When there is a problem here one may have a hard, hurt, or broken heart or there may be deep emotional hurts from the past that can result in a difficulty being open, trusting, soft and loving to others. A person may feel self pity, paranoid, indecisive and afraid of letting go or getting hurt. They can feel unworthy of love and find it hard to maintain long term relationships. Alternatively they may shut themselves away rather than relating freely with other humans whom they may see as disappointing or find hard to trust. When  hurts are released, it may be painful at first, but will  free the heart for healing and new growth.  This chakra is expressed by loving, caring, showing appreciation, trusting and by nurturing all growing things. A release in this area can manifest as crying and breathing deeply and can be seen in the face as happiness and in the eyes as love and openness. This energy also manifests in the ability to listen to others without judgement. Physical illnesses include heart attack, high blood pressure, insomnia and difficult in breathing. When balanced here one can feel compassion empathy and a desire to nurture others and see the good in people.

When this chakra is out of balance you may feel sorry for yourself, guilty, paranoid, indecisive, afraid of letting go, afraid of getting hurt, or unworthy of love.

Physical illnesses include heart attack, high blood pressure, insomnia, and difficult in breathing. Body parts for the fourth chakra include heart, lungs, circulatory system, shoulders, and upper back . The main colours used are pink and green and the gemstones are Rose Quartz, Kunzite, Green Jade, Aventurine and Watermelon Tourmaline etc. See green gemstones and pink gemstones.


The third chakra is referred to as the Solar Plexus. It is found approximately two inches below the breastbone, in the middle behind the stomach. This chakra is the centre of personal power, the place of ego, passion, impulses, anger and strength. When the Third Chakra is out of balance you may lack confidence, be confused, worry about what others think and feel depressed or lacking control over your life.

Physical problems can include digestive problems, liver problems, diabetes, nervous exhaustion, and food allergies.

When this centre is blocked, a person may find it hard to relax and just be and circumstances always seem to interfere. There can be digestive problems. When it is balanced they may feel cheerful and outgoing, respectful of self, expressive and with a love of taking on new challenges. Freeing this centre involves letting go of past issues which affect self esteem. A healthy solar plexus chakra comes with a strong sense of personal power. The body parts for this chakra include the stomach, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, and small intestine.

The main colour for this chakra is yellow and gemstones are Citrine, Topaz, Aragonite and Yellow Calcite etc. See yellow gemstones.


The second chakra is often referred to as the belly or (sacral). It is located two inches below the navel and is rooted into the spine. This centre holds the basic needs for sexuality, creativity, intuition, and self-worth. This chakra is also about friendliness, creativity, and emotions. It governs people's sense of self-worth, their confidence in their own creativity, their ability to relate to others in an open and friendly way and their ability to enjoy pleasure. It is influenced by how emotions were expressed or repressed in the family during childhood.

This chakra can be found just below the naval. It is also known as the Hara and is associated with emotions, gender identity and self worth. Problems here  can relate to a lack of connection with mother earth, sexual issues,  fear of pleasure and letting go, impotence and infertility, problems with the reproductive area, bowel, lower back problems and toxicity within the body. There can be overeating (or eating disorders), feelings of envy or jealousy, explosive emotions, manipulation or obsessions, lower back or bowel problems, muscle spasms. and kidney or bladder problems. A balanced sacral chakra will allow freedom in creativity, the expression of love and sexuality and greater energy, creativity and self worth. Gemstones are Carnelian, Orange calcite, Tigers eye and Red Jasper.  See orange gemstones and brown gemstones


The first or root chakra is located at the base of the spine at the tailbone in back, and at the pubic bone in front. This centre holds our basic needs for survival, security, safety and sense of belonging and is  related to our contact with the earth. It  gives us the ability to be grounded into the earth plane. This is  the centre of manifestation.

 Success and effectiveness in relation to business, money or material possessions, and the  energy to succeed comes from the first chakra.

If this chakra is blocked, an individual may feel fearful, insecure and frustrated. Related problems can be obesity, anorexia, and knee, leg and foot troubles. Root body parts include the hips, legs, lower back and reproductive organs.    A man's sexual organs are located primarily in his first chakra, so male sexual energy is usually experienced primarily as physical. A woman's sexual organs are located mainly in her second chakra, so female sexual energy is usually experienced primarily as emotional. Both sacral and root chakras are associated with sexual energy. The colours used for this chakra are red, brown and black and the gemstones are Garnet, Smoky Quartz, Obsidian, and Black Tourmaline and other stones in these colours.  See red gemstones, brown gemstones and black gemstones.



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What does your favourite colour say about you?

Click here for Purple Gemstones


"The Idealist and aesthete".

You can be moody, insecure and sensitive but have unusual interests, unique talents are probably creative and enjoy the arts or poetry. You are selective in your tastes.  Sometimes you find yourself thinking too much and need to ground yourself and you can do this by spending time close to nature, gardening or tending the earth and making a decision to spend some time with earthy people. 

Wear purple for meditation, calm and wisdom. For spirituality, inner peace, service to others and for expressing your individuality and special qualities.  This is a colour to mystify and entrance and is often worn by non-conformists and psychics.

In healing it brings calm and induces a meditative state. It is  good for the head area  Gems: Amethyst, Purple fluorite, Sugilite, Charoite.

Click here for Indigo Gemstones


 "The Thinker".

This colour is a safe haven. It is worn for emotional protection, and inner guidance. This colour has wisdom and stability but control with it.  It is the colour of the thinker. If you wear this colour you like to tune in to higher things and to filter out the world's business. You are loyal and logical with much wisdom. Gems: Lapis, Sodalite, Dumortierite, Apatite.

Click here for Blue Gemstones


"The patriot"

Blue is the most popular colour, especially with men and teenage boys. It is the colour of  loyalty and stability, it aids communication and brings inner calm. Blue is a stress reliever and this is partly the  reason why  it is so well loved. So many people long to go to the sea for a vacation and so many hard workers dream of restful blue skies.  Blue is also one of the most acceptable colours. Blue lovers can be conventional but can be trusted too. Wear for calm and stability. Gems: Blue Lace Agate, Sodalite, Angelite.

Click here for TurquoiseGemstones


 The non-conformist".

The lover of this colour is sometimes eccentric, a true individual and independent thinker.  These people like to get their ideas across, but not everybody agrees with them. This is a colour for asserting one's unique beliefs, for special artistic  creativity,  for understanding the importance of communication and for making a statement. Wear it to get in touch with the creative and free child aspect of self. Gems: Turquoise, Aquamarine, Aqua Aura, Blue Topaz.

Click here for Green Gemstones


"The carer".

The green-loving person is a lover of nature, a carer and contributor to society with strong ideas and opinions.  This person likes to live and love and can be vivacious but also a creature of habit. This colour is often chosen for stability after stressful periods. It helps reduce blood pressure. Nature lovers enjoy this colour. It helps bring balance and can improve one's luck and one's social connections.  In the Luscher colour test, green is chosen first by those who wish to enhance their status and career recognition. Gems: Jade, Celtic Marble, Peridot, Emerald, Aventurine, Amazonite, Moss Agate, Malachite.

Click here for Yellow Gemstones


"The wise child & playful one"

The person who loves yellow is hoping for a change and an improvement in their circumstances. The yellow person tends to be childlike and playful. with a good and sometimes offbeat sense of humour. There is a need  to communicate and produce ideas and creativity but may be a need for greater confidence.  Yellow lovers are seeking to boost self esteem and bring about positive change in their lives. They are hopeful that things will be better. It is important though that they keep grounded in their search for success and do not let themselves be distracted.  Some yellow lovers are attracted to eastern philosophies. Wearing yellow can help us get our ideas across as it stimulates persuasion and communication. Gems: Citrine, Rutile Quartz, Calcite, Topaz, Aragonite.

Click here for Pink Gemstones


"The lover"

This is a colour often beloved by young females.  The pink lover likes to be cossetted, loves fantasy, tends to be feminine and  to lives in their own world away from harsh realities. There is a strong need to be loved. Craves affection. May feel vulnerable and need stable partner. Strong pinks show feminine individuality and sexuality. Assertive but womanly. Men who wear pink are usually secure in their sexuality. Wear pink for healing the inner child and showing others that you are willing to be loved. Gems: Rose quartz, Rhodonite, Pink Tourmaline.

Click here for Orange Gemstones



The lover of orange is creative with changeable moods (which can  go either way) . This colour represents the Joyful expression of individuality. The person drawn to it likes to be spontaneous, has inner power and may be psychic. Wear orange to break free from restrictions and express inner joy. Gems: Carnelian, Red Aventurine, Jasper.

Click here for Red Gemstones


"The initiator"

The red lover wants to be involved, needs attention and likes to be noticed. They can be passionate and impulsive, self oriented and sometimes impatient. This is a sexual, spontaneous colour.  Wear red to put energy back into your life and start to live again. This colour can increase heart rate and stimulate system. It is good for energy and motivation.  Gems: Ruby, Garnet.

Click here for Brown Gemstones


  "The seeker of security"

With this colour there is a need for improved material comfort and security. The brown lover is economical, comfort and routine loving, sensitive and down to earth. At best they are In touch with the soil and growing things but they can be in need of improved health and balance in life - gardening can balance - as can routines and structure but they also need to learn to let loose and be spontaneous now and again too. Wear brown when you need to economise, gain structure and routine and get back to basics. Wear brown to be an earth lover. Gems: Tiger's eye, Smokey Quartz.

Click here for Black Gemstones


"The enigma"

If you wear black alot, you are mysterious, trendy and secretive about plans. You may be insecure and like to make a statement and determine your own lifestyle. You are cautious before trusting and self protective. Black can bring control and power through weighing up use of energy and resources. It can indicate denial or escapism but it is a good colour when you need protection and focus in your life and while you are formulating your goals. Warning to friends, black lovers like to do their own thing.  Black lesson - try to see things from other points of view and enjoy a change now and again. Gems: Black Agate/Onyx, Hematite, Black tourmaline, Jet.

Grey Gemstone section coming soon ...


"The critic, observer and suggestor"

Grey wearers are critical and observant with special characteristics and talents that they may keep hidden or be modest in expressing.  They tend not to be footloose and spontaneous and are more emotionally reserved and measured. They may like to be left alone sometimes and may not join in with the party but they do need to be appreciated. Grey types can be melancholic but are wonderful in times of need and when others need sound advice.  Grey can be our disguise and safety in times where we wish to be unseen and live between worlds. Wear grey when you wish to be invisible and focus on the basics. Gems: Merlinite, Hematite.

Click here for White Gemstones


"The perfectionist & discriminator"

 Those who wear white have high standards, are emotionally and often materially discriminating and require the very best. They love simplicity, can be perfectionist and are childlike in some ways. Wear white for money and success and to give a clean cut, professional  or clinical image. Also wear white for purity and inner cleansing.

This colour tends to be worn by the wealthy (and as an expression of luxury or wealth)  but is also the colour of healing and of high and lofty minds.  Gems: Snowy Quartz, White Jade, White opal, Moonstone White Topaz.